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Hostgator Testimonials

What People have said about our Rebate Offer:

looking for Hostgator testimonials? Below you will find real user testimonials from people who have used to receive the rebate offer. When they have allowed,  a link to their website has been included for authenticity purposes. Please feel free to contact any of them to verify the offer and testimonial.

4/2012 “I too was skeptical about this offer when I found it. I was definitely going to use HostGator for my website, so I figured I had nothing to lose and $50 to gain. Today I received my $50 payment into my PayPal account as promised. Please feel free to contact me through my website below if you have any questions. This is a legit offer and is not one of those things that are usually too good to be true.”


4/2012 “ has proved above and beyond my expectations re: customer support. I had been remiss (by several months!) in following-up on a rebate I emailed and worked with a fabulously efficient and helpful representative; and received my rebate within a week! Many thanks, John.”


1/2012 “Thank you John for your quick follow up when I had a question about my rebate, it was deposited in my Paypal account right on time. Your deal has saved me a lot over the next three years. I have been using HostGator for the past three months and find they have been excellent, speed, uptime, customer service have been top notch. If you ever need a recipe for the best tasting Chicken Marsala, visit”

Best Tasting Chicken Marsala

1/2012 “This HostGator rebate was actually paid to me! After quite a couple of hectic days, it was so nice to see that $50 waiting for me in my PayPal account. Thank you John so much for this great offer and for your honesty!”

(site inactive now)

1/2012 “Hey John, Thanks for the rebate. You are one of the best in providing rebates. btw.. this is my second account and I got the rebate as promised. this time I got $50 + $10 extra bonus… total $60. Once Again thank you very much.”

(site inactive now)

10/2010 “I just wanted to write and tell you that this Hostgator rebate service is the real deal. I signed up for hosting using a coupon code from and I received my $50 rebate just as advertised. This is a great service. Everyone looking for a hosting account should use it. Thanks Much,”


9/2010 “I’d like to thank John. I got Rebate Payment this morning. I choose Hostgator baby plan using the special coupon code: GREEN ( 20% Off ), the monthly fee is just $6.36 for 36 month cycle package which save me $57.24. And John’s rebate service is timely rebate service, I just followed the 3 steps on his website and I got $50 rebate back. I should say, I trust Paypal, I am satisfied with Hostgator service, and I am glad to receive $50 rebate from John. Maybe you will say the same thing with me.”


6/2010 “John, Being the ultimate skeptic with online scams and all, and having been the victim of an online scam to the tune of over $5,000, you begin to get a little squeamish about dealing with online folks. When I signed up for Hostgator and I found your website, I wondered how this was going to happen as you said. I thought, ‘Yeah, right, he is going to pay my back $50 of the $80 I already paid!’ But, I figured that I had absolutely nothing to lose. Well, you were everything as promised and advertised. I received my $50 rebate back and could not have been any happier!! You are what you say. I would work with you any time. Thanks!”

Rick P

6/2010 “Emailed my back right away! I have to admit I really DIDN’T expect this level of service from a rebate, if even to get it at all in the end… VERY impressed! Got the rebate just as promised… Thanks John!”


6/2010 “I’ve received my $50 to my paypal account. Thanks I really appreciate it. I never thought it would work although your prompt reply to my emails made me believe in you. Thanks again.”

(site inactive now)

5/2010 “Appreciate the great service you provide. I almost made the mistake of signing up direct with Hostgator using their default discount code before I found your site. A great coupon code plus a $50 rebate. The savings and rebate are real. You can’t beat it!”

Brett C

5/2010 “Thank you for helping us reduce our business expenses with your program, we got great hosting service at a great price. You really made finding a discount on Hostgator possible even though it was not Black Friday Thank you for making this painless!”

M. Barone & Matt G

4/2010 “Rebate worked as promised. Given my switching of hosting plans, I know my case special more attention from you. Thanks for taking the extra steps and follow-through to ensure I get your rebate. I am very satisfied and would definitely recommend you to others. Definitely best deal around; and foolproof!”

Razvan N

4/2010 “I always think “Deals”, promotions or promises on the web should be taken with a grain of salt. I was a little skeptical as to whether I’d see my “rebate” as promised. I’d almost forgotten about it, when I received an email stating that $50 had been deposited into my PayPal account. I was very pleased. What a great deal! And what a great service. Thank you.”

(site inactive now)

3/2010 “Thanks for the brilliant rebate! I admit I was a bit skeptical, but it made sense to host with gator so I gave your rebate deal a shot. When you say ethical, you mean ethical. Thanks again.”

H. Raven Rose

2/2010 “I was a bit skeptic first, but I must admit works and does exactly (or better) as promised. I had several questions and John (from answered immediately. He told me I will get the rebate into my PayPal account by the end of February… but I even got it 3 weeks earlier. Great service, great rebate; Thanks Stephan”


1/2010 “Thanks John, Your rebate service is the REAL DEAL. It’s so nice to have a legitimate and timely rebate service for those that really need it. Cheers to you and your business. Sincerely”

Jamie M

1/2010 “Hello- Thank you for the $50 rebate. I figured there was nothing to lose when I signed up thru your link, and I was very glad to get the payment notification after almost forgetting about the rebate. It’s a no-brainer to get hosting though you, not only for the extra savings on hosting, but for the rebate as well.”


1/2010 “We just got our $50.00 rebate. John was a pleasure to deal with! Great communication and the rebate came just as advertised. Thanks so much! We are very satisfied with your service and our new host service through HostGator. I highly recommend”

Terry F.
(site inactive now)

12/2009 “Wow, freakin awesome!
I had my doubts that you would send it. But I was pleasantly surprised.
Thanx a lot”

(site inactive now)

12/2009 “Hello!, Thanks for your rebate. I am very happy with my first host at HostGator.”

(site inactive now)

12/2009 “When I started looking for a proper host for my websites I knew already a few highly rated host services, one of which was Hostgator. It became my choice because of the unlimited amount of domains they offer, but at the same time I wanted something cheaper at the time.

Then I noticed it’s possible to enter coupon codes during the purchase of hosting, so I searched for that on the net and that’s how I found At first I was skeptical at the high % of discount they provide, up to 20%! Even more than that, I thought the rebate offer they provide is a scam, so I searched and read about them as much as possible, just to convince myself.

It became clear that it wasn’t a scam and that they really do what they promise, so I went ahead and purchased a 1 year account with their coupon code. Within a few hours I got an e-mail back from letting me know how to proceed to get my rebate and within the promised time of 60 to 90 days, I got my rebate.

I strongly suggest to anyone looking for a host to use the services provide, it’s all easy to use and you can contact them at any time regarding any questions you may have and get a response within a few hours. Thanks!”


12/2009 “Thanks you extremely for your Site. I am on a strict budget so hosting price is very important. I recently moved to hostgator (which has proven to be a great host) after 1and1 cancelled my yearly service 2 weeks after rebilling me for another year (and accepting my payment).
they refused to refund my money. After seeing your site off a googles ad I was skeptical about this rebate until today. I thought it was too good to be true, but alas finally something on the internet that holds up to its promise. Thanks again and I definitely will pass your site around.”

(site inactive now)

11/2009 “Hello, I am the administrator of I never really expected any rebate but I thought I am gonna sign up on HostGator anyway, why not give it a try, and so I did, and then I forgot about it; until today, when I received your mail through paypal. Your honesty is commendable, and I am sure to refer you to any other potential client that I find. Thank you very much. Sincerely,”


11/2009 “Dear John, Thanks for the prompt and professional replies. The Hostgator hosting is rock solid and the rebate received is icing on the cake.  Kind Regards”


11/2009 “Thank you for your rebate!”

(site inactive now)

08/2009 “Thanks you so much for this rebate. I’m very much impressed with your services. I did not expect that i’ll get the rebate right with-in time. It was no nice of you. I have hosted my first site ( after purchasing the hostgator account from you. Thanks again…”

(site inactive now)

05/2009 “With all the scams out there I really didn’t expect to receive this rebate, but to my surprise I received a PayPal email confirming the rebate.
If I every change host, I promise to use your referral. Thanks, Jason”


03/2009 “Thanks John, Your customer service is Great!
* You replied very quickly to my original email
* You sent me a follow up with detailed information explaining the rules and process. I’m really appreciative of your service.”


“Hostgator Coupons service is excellent and his rebate program top notch. Funds were received to the day they were promised. Would gladly do business with him again.”

Sylvia inactive now)

“Just received your rebate as promised, you give a great service and I’ll gladly recommend you to anyone who asks, honest internet traders are worth promoting. thanks again!”

Sally inactive now)

“I was skeptical but was good for their word. I saved money and received the rebate as promised. Highly recommended.”


“It was a nice surprise to find my account credited with $20 as you said it would. In all, for 6 months hosting on hostgator, using your rebate and another coupon, I got 6 months hosting for $10! Thanks,”


“ Is The Way To Go!!!  The Signup was easy, I received the rebate by on-time as promised, HostGator treated my like any other customer, I also received the first month free from HostGator, I couldn’t be happier!”


“This rebate worked really smoothly and problem-free:  good communication and delivered as promised.  Thanks!”


“I had been looking at HostGator for some time and your coupon code and Rebate just put the ‘icing on the cake’ by offering a discount for their service. A great feature when you are looking for those all-important savings online! Many thanks for providing a ‘no hassle’ service. I would certainly recommend it!”

Paul J

“I was trying to decide between several hosting companies and decided to go with HostGator since offered a rebate by signing up through them. I’m glad I did because the service has been excellent and the rebate came in on time as promised. Great deal!”

Karren D

“Thanks for the great savings on I am very happy with my new host and it was great to get $20 back from you as well.”

Scott W
(site inactive now)

“I joined Hostgator through your link as you offered an additional cash incentive on top of the discount I received from Hostgator. All I had to do was contact you after 2 months and providing I was still a Hostgator customer you would send me my cash bonus. Well guess what. I lost your email address and couldn’t remember the name of your site so I reckoned I could forget about my cash bonus. And then a couple of days ago I get an email from PAYPAL saying hostgatorcoupons has just sent me $20.06. Wow. This is great. You paid me without me even having to ask for the bonus. That is just great service. Thanks very much, and I will keep your email address incase I decide to move hosts in the future.”


“Thank you John for your excellent Service! There are so many hosts out there that it can be hard picking one. Because of I ended up picking… well hostgator. I highly recommend it.”

Al A
(site no longer active)

02/2009 “My communication (and rebate!) from the people at provided me the confidence that this is a trustworthy means of getting a great host for a great price. Thanks”

(site no longer active)

“John, thank you very much for the hostgator rebate deposited in my paypal account, exactly as promised. I find it refreshing when I find an honest person on the internet, as we all know often this is not the case. After trying two other hosting companies, whom I was not satisfied with, the decision to give hostgator a try had already been made. Then when I found the decision was that much easier. My website is a rather large one with 285 url’s and some difficult scripts and I have experienced no problems with my hostgator baby account. I would recommend hostgator to anyone.”

Rickie B.
(site no longer active)