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Hostgator Reviews

The following hostgator reviews are from actual hostgator customers and taken from hostgator’s own review forum. Also listed is my own hostgator review at the top.

John M’s Hostgator Review:
As the owner of this site I have personally used hostgator for several years and have always been impressed with their level and quality of support given how big they are. Usually with larger hosts, the support starts to lack in response quality but it seems like hostgator has managed to avoid these problems by hiring competent staff. The server speed and uptime were always very good. I had to move own to my own datacenter in the end I outgrew hostgator (before they offered dedicated servers) otherwise i would likely still be with them today. If you are looking for a quality web host at a reasonable price, You really cant beat hostgator.

Disclosure: This website is independently owned and operated. We are a professional coupon site which receives compensation from Hostgator. The opinions expressed here are those of the respective user who has posted them on the Hostgator forums and are not necessarily those of this site.

I seldom remember to get on here and COMPLIMENT HostGator and I thought to do it today. I have had absolutely terrible experiences with other hosts over the years. (I am not new to Web sites. I have had my main site for almost a decade.) I currently have so many domains I can’t count them offhand and I have to say that the service from HostGator has been NOTHING LESS THAN OUTSTANDING.
I used to log on daily and check to see if my sites are up and running. No more. I never have a problem. I can’t remember the last time I had the slightest bit of downtime. (My last visit here was 12-04-05 so that should tell you something!
The other thing is that on the rare occasions I have had a question, I actually TALK or CHAT with a REAL PERSON. So, yes I know some people have problems here and there. Let’s face it, no server is going to be 100%, nor is anything else. But I have to say I have been so satisfied that I recommend them to everyone I know.

GDWOODS Hostgator Review:
I’m a longtime HG customer, and although I’ve griped a bit here on the forums about some communication issues, overall I have not found a better Hosting company than HostGator. They really do go the extra mile to assist their customers. A recent example (I have many!) of a support request was to assist with a PHP backup script that was working perfectly on several sites but throwing up errors on another. I opened a ticket on the off chance that there could be something configured wrong on their end, but thinking that it was much more likely a script error. I let them know up front that I knew that it was not their responsibility to troubleshoot my scripts, but asked them to take a look. After a few back and forths they discovered that there was an error in the MySQL database that the script was trying to back-up, and suggested I run the cPanel “repair database” utility. This fixed the problem.
The gist of this very long story is that the support people at HG will go the extra mile to help you. Good job HG!

My Own Review:
I have been pleased overall with the service from hostgator. There are periodic times when the server is down due to upgrading and reboots etc… but this happens with all hosts and is important. Their EMAIL support staff is responsive and helpful most of the time and gets things resolved in a timely manner. Its best to skip the live chat and send your support requests by email.

Kimbot writes:
I feel obliged to post this message. I have been with HG a year or so now, Dedicated Server even. I should know what I am doing, most of the time I more or less do know what I am doing.
Couple days back I was in shell and initiated a rather nasty sort of “kill all processes on server now” command. Just a misinformed mis-type.
Accidental mix up of syntax at my end, result was over 100 commercial and working websites went offline. On top of that, I personally had messed up the email contact in my support account with HG, so could not get or read responses to support tickets.
Never-the-less: My server was down, I could not remote boot, I had messed up my contact email for support tickets, but HG staff stuck thru it for me and using online chat and yahoo email addresses did the big reboot a few times and got me sorted again.
This was my stupid error, but HG got in there with me, in pretty good time, and sorted the problem for me and with me.
Cheers HG support. Also big cheers to many of the folks in the HG forum, best damned user forum in the bloody world? And YOU know who I am talking about.
My server and my clients were only offline for a short time.
HG stepped in, no matter who was or was not in error. I personally know of companies that would have just let me sit on this one, for days…
Well, that is my five cent payback HG, OK mai? Good Service – End Of Story.

The above hostgator reviews are all real and from actual hostgator customers.

Hostgator Reviews