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Hostgator Dedicated Server Coupon

If you are looking for a Hostgator Dedicated Server Coupon (either windows and linux), you can save up to $100 using our coupons.

You will find the best Hostgator Dedicated Server Coupons below and we check the codes on a regular basis to make sure they are always working. If you are looking for a dedicated server, choose hostgator and use a coupon code here to save!


Save 25% off your order.

Save up to $100 on HostGator’s Dedicated Servers using the 25% off

Best Savings Coupon Chart Examples:

Pro Dedicated Server
Payment Period Best Coupon to Use Total Savings
1 Month GreenHosting25 $93.50
Basic Dedicated Server
Payment Period Best Coupon to Use Total Savings
1 Month GreenHosting25 $43.50


Hostgator provides both VPS and dedicated server options and figuring out which you need is the first step. You can save up to $100 off either options using the hostgator Dedicated server coupon: GreenHosting25.  Hostgator dedicated servers are a solid choice for your high traffic and CPU intensive website and provide vastly superior support over most other large hosts.

Having hosted with hostgator for several years, I can attest to the high level of service provided by hostgator and their uptime is also top of the line so you don’t have to worry about server downtime.

If you are not sure which hosting option is right for you, ask yourself  are you finding your site loading slowly on your shared hosting? Do you get time outs and out of resource messages? Has  your host told you you are using too many resources? If yes to any of these it may be time for a VPS or dedicated Server for your site. A VPS server is an option in between shared hosting and dedicated servers in terms of resources and price and is a good step up for a site using too many resources on a shared hosting plan.