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Hostgator 99% Coupon Code?

you may have seen other sites promoting a Hostgator 99% Coupon off your hostgator bill? Yes it’s true, but you only save $9.94 because it only gives you 1 month free! I will show you how to save more below.

If you pay monthly, yes you can save 99% with all the $9.94 off coupons including:

But, if you prepay for a longer period of time, not only will you save on pre-payment discounts offered by Hostgator, you can Save $71-$599  (Baby->Diamond Reseller) with the special 25% off coupon below.

Hostgator 99% Coupon

HOT HostGator Super Sale!!
Save 25% off EVERYTHING!

25% off coupon


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For example, if you order the BABY plan and pay monthly, you can save $10, but if you pay annually, you can save $29.85 with the 25% off coupon.

If you pay for 2 years, you save $53.70 PLUS another $30 from their pre-pay discounts for a total of $83.70 in savings. That beats the crappy $10 savings from the so called “HostGator 99% Coupon” doesn’t it?


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